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I am early on in this blogging thing but I feel compelled to say up front what I believe.  It appears, as I do research, that blogging (especially mommy blogging) has a strong Christian base.  I do believe in God, or a higher power.  How could I not? I have been blessed enough to raise 2 amazing miracles.  That being said, you will not see me write much about this belief.  I am also not discouraged or chased away by people that do write about their faith.  If they are compelled to do so then I think that is right for them.

I am also an extremely liberal minded person on certain items and have strong opinions about them.  Again, I am not using this blog as an outlet to preach any of these said opinions or beliefs, but I do want to be up front with what I here goes.

I believe in a higher power
I believe that EVERYONE has the RIGHT to have their own beliefs
I believe in true love
I believe in miracles
I believe that you should be able to love anyone regardless of religion, race or gender
I believe in marriage for ALL
I believe in equality for all
I believe in soul mates and that most people will have multiple
I believe in supporting our troops even if I don't support the war
I believe that homemade baked goods can make it all better
I believe in the power of positive thinking
I believe laughter is the best medicine

This is what I believe.  I am sure there will be more added as I grow to be a better Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.   What do you believe?


TracyGamache said...

I believe in YOU!

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