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It's a new feature called
Yeah, I saw that!!

 For quite a while now me and my sister, Tracy, will constantly call each other and say "YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!"  These are always people and they are always doing something outrageous.  Sometimes funny, sometimes scary but always eye catching.

So for the very first ever "Yeah, I saw that!" I will tell you about 2 separate motorcycle incidents that were about a week apart.  I spend a lot of time commuting and I see some amazing things on the freeway.  These are just a couple.

The first was a motorcyclist talking on his cell phone in rush hour traffic.  You say, Kami, how is that possible? And I say that it really isn't.  Here in Cali it is the law that you must wear a helmet while on a motorcycle.  It is also the ONLY state where you can lane share, which is when the motorcyclist can drive between the lanes of traffic.  This guy had on a helmet. He was also lane sharing.  He had the phone up to the side of the helmet and appeared to be shouting while whizzing through traffic. 
The big question here is how do you think the conversation went.  
Something like this perhaps?

motorcyclist: what?
caller: what? there is a lot of noise!
motorcyclist: what?
caller: i can't here you!
motorcyclist: what?

See what I mean.  Totally pointless and dangerous to boot.
First thing I did was call Tracy and say "you wouldn't believe what I just saw!"

The second event was a motorcyclist eating a taco while driving.  I. Swear. To. You.  This guy was driving down the street eating a taco through the hole in the front of his flip up helmet.  A TACO!!! I mean really?  There was lettuce flying everywhere, including onto my windshield.  I just can't explain the comic relief this guy provided me for the ride home.  Not really sure how much of the taco he actually got to consume but at least he made me laugh. And of course I called Tracy to tell her.  Oh the things we see.

Well that's all for now.  You may see guest posts on this, especially from Tracy.  
I can't wait to see something awesome!


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