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Two nights ago I went to dinner with my good friend, Brittney Pecore.  It was a great night out without the kids. Well you know Mommies, we can't help talking about our kids.  The subject came up about things getting "easier" as the kids get older.  Brittney had said that for so long she was waiting for it to get easier.   She eventually realized that it doesn't get easier, it gets different.  We both agreed that you should enjoy every stage of your child's life.


Then last night I was up with Stella, who is now 16 months old, til midnight.  My first thought was "Will this EVER get easier?"  I was at my wits end and just wanted to sleep.  Then I finally got her out of the crib and she passed out immediately as I was holding her.  Ohhhh, melt my heart.  Each stage offers unique challenges but also amazing rewards and it is recognizing the rewards that helps you through the challenges. I am fortunate to have 2 beautiful girls that are healthy and happy.  They are my biggest rewards in this life and I will gladly accept any challenge they may throw at me and you know with 2 girls there will be MANY challenges.  I say "!"


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