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Is it possible to really expect the unexpected?  Or maybe better said, is it possible to PREPARE for the unexpected.  I say NO, especially when small children are involved.  I mean, everyone knows to always carry an extra set of clothes for the kids....which I didn't do.   That honestly isn't the worst thing about this post. Let me rewind because I am jumping ahead here.

This evening I went over to my sister, Tracy's house to chat with her lovely boyfriend, Ryan, about this blog.  He is an amazingly talented web designer and he was kind enough to offer to help.  As we are sitting there discussing things Tracy is watching the girls.  Stella has been running a fever for a couple days but nothing serious and everything else was fine.  So her climbing into my lap to sit wasn't anything I thought twice about.  She made a little cough noise and then it just went terribly down hill from there.  She threw up ALL OVER ME!!!! I managed to not get a single splash, drop or splatter anywhere but on me and her.  Soooo back to my original paragraph.  Not only did I not have clothes for Stella I, very very cleary, did not have clothes for myself either.  Stella could run around in a diaper but I could not be chillin' in my unmentionables.  As a side note I should mention that Tracy is about 5 inches shorter than me and about 4 sizes smaller than me.  As I stand there covered in throw up Tracy's very very lovely boyfriend, Ryan, lends me some basketball shorts and a tee shirt.  He is officially my hero. He saved the day and my dignity.  Thank you, thank you.

The question then still stands.  Can you expect or prepare for the unexpected?  And I say again, there is no way.  No way at all and that's ok because I am sure there will always be lovely people that will help you out.


Stephanie said...

I'm going to take this as a great word of advice for when I am a mother. I will always keep a change of clothes for myself as well as my children. LOL

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