postheadericon We had to Boo someone

After hearing briefly about this "booing" thing, where you essentially ding-dong-ditch someone and leave a treat behind, I knew I had to do it with Lyla.  So I did a real quick run to the store and got a couple little things and we went to 2 neighbors.  It didn't go as planned. First neighbor came home while we were in their driveway (we didn't know they weren't home) so we had to back out of the driveway with our cups behind our backs.  Second neighbor was coming out of the garage to play right as we were walking up but they didn't see us so we were ok to go home and try again later.  We did manage to hit both houses later that night after pumpkin carving.  Lyla thought it was fun but really wanted to see then get the treat.

 This is Lyla's super happy and excited face

Next year will be awesome.  Gonna be way more prepared.


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