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We had a whirlwind crazy experience on Saturday. We were all in the front yard playing and Todd was unloading a bunch of stuff from his trunk.  When everything was removed Lyla jumped into the trunk and was messing around.  Todd asked her several times to get out but of course she didn't listen.  Jokingly he pretended to close the trunk by tapping the hood and to his immediate surprise it latched closed.  (disclaimer: the full time Lyla was in the trunk was under 10 seconds) We both looked at each other and he immediately ran to the front of the car to unlatch it.  The thing is, Lyla completely FREAKED out being in the trunk.  I freaked a little too.  I know it was an extremely short time but boy it left an impact on her.  She jumped out when it opened and ran straight to Todd and started swingin'.  She was so mad and scared.  After all was settled down the funny commentary from Miss Lyla started to come. 
She has been going through several stages of "recovery"


Lyla started with telling me, my mom, my sister and anyone else that would listen that her Daddy locked her in the trunk of the car.  It was pretty funny.  It was always something like "Daddy, remember when you locked me in the trunk?" or "Guess what? My Daddy locked me in the trunk of his car!"  Like she was reminiscing.  

This turned into her reliving the event. "Mommy, Daddy locked me in the trunk. It was dark but there was a little bit of light in there. I was so scared"

Then she really wanted to hear the "story" of events.  She climbed into bed with me and said "Mommy, tell me the story again about how Daddy locked me in the trunk. Could you hear me? Was I hitting the hood? What did Daddy do?"

She continues to INSIST it was on purpose.  We tell her constantly it was an accident and her response is always the same "It was not an accident"

It has been 5 days now and there is no letting up in sight.  She is so funny.  I love her and the quirky way she is about things.  She makes me smile everyday.  Even an event like this makes me smile.  I can't wait to see what she says next.


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