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It's coming
The turkey
The fixings
The thankfulness
And then....

It is BLACK FRIDAY time.
I have, for the last several years, participated in the black Friday madness.  I do this mainly because it is a great way to save money, duh.  But I do have to say that part of it is the rush of getting a good deal.  I am well know for saying "Oh, you like it? I got is for $$$$." in response to someone complimenting me on something I own.  I LOVE a good deal.  I LOVE to use coupons for apparel (not so much for groceries).  Another reason I love black Friday is because for me it signifies the start of the Christmas season.  Nothing says Christmas like a good old fashion mob.  I KID.  Every year my plan gets more involved than the year prior.  For example, last year I created a special list from the black Friday websites of all the things I wanted to get.  I exchanged lists with a friend and we split up for maximum shopability.  This year I went a step further.  I did a picture list in order of priority (thanks to advice from my co-shopper for this year) I also visited each of my stores ahead of time to get a good idea of where most of the stuff would be.  I can just hear you now saying "what in the world? this lady is kookoo" I won't deny it.  I am a little crazy.  Ok ok, a lot crazy.  I just love it.  There are of course major downfalls to this event.  There is lots and lots and lots of waiting.  Then you get in the store and get everything you can and there is more waiting.  So you spend a total of 30 minutes shopping the entire night and about 5 or 6 hours waiting.  It's worth it if you have good friends like me.  Good friends make for great company.  
I can't wait.  4. more. days. 
Tis the season!


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