postheadericon Pinterest....what have you done to me?

So, I have been introduced to  It is a wonderful site to pin all the things you love, and I love so many things.  The thing is, will anyone else be interested?  Well I am going to pin to my hearts content and show the world all the things I love.  I, in turn, will see what everyone else loves.  I think that is what makes this site so great.  I get to see what my friends love and maybe in it all there will be something we both love.  How great is that?  I think what bonds people is their common interests and if there is something that you both have in common but are unaware of it then this site will help bring that to the surface.  I am excited to see what wonderful things have not been seen between the people in my life and myself.  Come with me....and show me the things you love.  I am dying to see!


brittney pecore photography said...

Signed up today! I'm not sure how much I'll use it but looking forward to finding out! I have high hopes

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